Mini Irish soda bread with Guinness glaze (or Guinness butter!)

I just can’t seem to miss an opportunity to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day to the fullest.  Last year it was Bailey’s Irish Cream in the macarons.  This year: Irish soda ...

Homemade apple cider with spiced whipped cream

This time of year I cringe when I walk through the grocery store and see the seasonal displays with spiced apple cider.   It’s not that I don’t dig apple cider, ...

WHW: National bake and decorate month, and the four tools to rule them all

October is National Bake and Decorate Month, and in the eleventh hour just in time for Halloween, I thought I’d share a few tools (and tricks) of the treat trade.   ...

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The ultimate whoopie pie recipe

During my first foray into the food world at SusieCakes Bakery in Los Angeles, I ate plenty of cupcakes and Snickerdoodle cookies, but the one treat I still drive out of my way for is the bakery’s whoopie pie.  The chocolate halves are extremely dense with a wonderful crackle, and the buttercream filling is not […]

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Food science fun for free, and where to find it

It’s What’s Happening Wednesday here at Edible Times, and since this series is still somewhat experimental, I thought I’d share a new food science resource from an Ivy League school that’s FREE, 24/7.   You know, for us food-obsessed who want to know how to make those fancy (but actually simple) foam garnishes, or why cinnamon rolls rise the […]

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Thinking outside the chicken box: Baked chicken livers with charred sweet corn

Happy Monday! (I know, yeah right).  While you dust off the weekend, I’m pleased to invite you to join me and the fun peeps over at Real Food Family, where I’m guest posting today about new yet simple ways to enjoy the old standbys of chicken and corn. And of course I’ve got plenty of […]

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Thirsty Thursdays: Pick up a Pumpkick

The moment I swipe my calendar app to the month of October, I see nothing but pumpkins.  Gourds around the house, gracing the porch, and most importantly, in my mouth.    And while the usual seasonal beers have been perched on the shelves for a few weeks now, there’s one pumpkin beer worth seeking out. […]

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What’s Happening Wednesday: Choose your food carefully during the government shutdown

In order to live up to the name of this blog, please enjoy a new weekly series of posts concerning the latest news and happenings in food, wine and of course all in between.   Don’t worry, the recipes for irresistible baked goods are still going to be part of the program here.  Just thought we’d just […]

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Southern biscuits and sausage gravy

There are some weekends where I wake up and I must have what my family calls “sausage biscuits and gravy”.  Don’t ask me why we say the ingredients in those order – it makes more sense to say biscuits and sausage gravy. Maybe it’s because my dad slides a sausage patty in between his biscuit […]

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Thirsty Thursdays: Three bourbons, two mint juleps and the Kentucky Derby

The Run for the Roses is here!  This Saturday the Kentucky Derby will showcase all its splendor with the thoroughbred horse races, the glamorous victory lap with a cascading bouquet, and yes, obscene amounts of Kentucky Bourbon.  The latter bringing me to my point.   Unless you are at the Derby, or near a very talented […]

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